Exhaust gas treatment

Various criteria must be taken into account when developing modern exhaust gas treatment concepts. On the one hand, the legislators have made the threshold values to be applied more stringent. On the other hand, production must not be disturbed by the installation and operation of the exhaust gas treatment plant.exhaust-gas-treatment-download-weyer-gruppe

And last but not least, now – more than ever – focus is placed on the cost-effectiveness of the process used. In the past, the weyer group has handled a large number of exhaust gas projects in which the requirements profile outlined above had to be taken into account. We would like to present the most important steps to be taken to achieve a technically andeconomically efficient exhaust gas treatment plant.


What we offer:

  • Exhaust gas flow determination / primary measures
  • Conceptual design / cost estimate
  • Safety technology / realization

Our services:

  • Determination of the exhaust gas flow data / design basis
  • Process selection
  • Process and safety-engineering planning of the integration of the plant
  • Preparation of the necessary expert opinions, as well as the permit application
  • Call for tenders and support in the award of contracts for all necessary works
  • Erection supervision and commissioning support

Your benefits:

  • Reproducible determination of the exhaust gas flow data using statistic models
  • Development of the optimum exhaust gas treatment concept from a techno-commercial point of view
  • Handling of the project from concept up to realization
  • Planning independent of supplier interests
  • Minimization of interfaces between planning and expert opinions

For further questions please contact our exhaust gas treatment experts:

Claude Kuhn
Weyer und Partner (Schweiz) AG
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