Explosion prevention

Explosion prevention | weyer groupNumerous new directives, regulations and technical rules have been adopted in the recent years with regard to explosion prevention. These new regulations have inevitably brought about an increase in both the operational and the organizational requirements on part of the operating companies: They have to take more responsibility for their own activities.

We, the expert technicians of the weyer group, are thoroughly skilled in the field of explosion prevention. Being occupied in this field every day and equipped with an expert knowledge as well as a high degree of practical experience, deriving from many engineering projects, we are competent engineering consultants in all aspects of this area.


Our services:

  • Explosion prevention
  • Applicability of nonelectrical devices
  • Qualified personnel
  • In-house trainings

Your benefits:

  • Competent support in the sphere of explosion prevention
  • Individual consideration of your demands
  • Inclusion of authorized experts and qualified personnel
  • Practical solutions
  • Reduction of time and costs
  • We will give you the reassuring feeling to have thought about everything

For further information please contact our explosion prevention experts:

Dr. rer.nat. Harald Genest
weyer IngenieurPartner GmbH
Germany (East)
+49 (0) 3461 2901-0
Dr. Gernot Gamerith
As-U Gamerith-Weyer GmbH
+43 (0) 76 72 – 309 310 10
Bruno Holzer
Weyer und Partner (Schweiz) AG
+41 (0) 61 683 26 00
Bertram Schneider
horst weyer und partner gmbh
Germany (West)
+49 (0) 2421 69091-0

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