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Verschmelzung der TUSS GmbH auf G&P Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

A longtime member of the weyer group has apparently disappeared: the TUSS GmbH. The specific activities of this company in the areas of piping design and the static as well as dynamic calculation of piping systems are carried on with almost the same personnel by G&P and will be expanded where possible. The story behind this is a fusion of TUSS GmbH into the G&P Ingenieurgesellschaft mbh. This solution was decided and carried out by the weyer group due to the retirement of the managing director of TUSS GmbH, Dieter Schweda. This process was finalized by changing the entry in the register of commerce on 12.07.2013. The G&P is full-circumference legal successor of the subsidiary TUSS and eager to continue with all the “old” customers the proven cooperation and the usual high quality. Direct contact for commercial interests, managing director Dr. I. Müller (i.mueller @ and for technical questions on all aspects of piping design and calculation M. Lakony (m.lakony @, being the authorized representative of G&P.

For any questions concerning the services of G&P Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH or former TUSS GmbH please visit the G&P Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH official website.

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