Environmental protection

You want to build or extend a plant. You would like to complete the necessary licensing procedure as quickly and smoothly as possible. We check how you can fulfil the statutory requirements as cost-effectively as possible. We are at your side when negotiating modifications subject to approval with the competent authorities.

Services for plant operating companies
  • Licensing management
  • Environmental compatibility studies
  • Emission prognoses for air pollutants
  • Noise emission prognoses
  • Odour emission prognoses
  • Environmental remediation and optimization concepts
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Emissions trading
Services for licensing authorities
  • Checking of licensing applications and expert opinions
  • Compilation of surveys
  • Preparation of licenses
  • Database-supported recording and evaluation of objections
  • Organization and conduction of hearings
Your benefits

You benefit from a well conceived licensing management. Make use of our experience and comply with the environmental regulations as cost-effectively as possible.