Prevention of water pollution

prevention-of-water-pollution-download-weyer-gruppeThere is no life without water. Hence, the prevention of water pollution both for drinking water and for processing wateras well as the preservation of aquatic ecological systemsis a central duty of environment protection. Plant-related prevention of water pollution, i.e. the safe handling of substances harmful to water both in the industrial and in the commercial sphere is a core competence of the weyer group.

What we offer:

  • VAwS-Tests (VAwS = act on installations handling materials hazardous to water)
  • Expert reports
  • Concepts for the prevention of water pollution and their realisation
  • Plant rehabilitation and retrofitting
  • Licensing application and maintaining good contacts to authorities
  • Documentation at operational level
  • Classification of substances hazardous to water
  • Seminars and in-house trainings

Your benefits:

  • Independent advisory service by competent VAwS-surveyors with practical orientation
  • Cost reduction by means of on-road-tested concept related to the prevention of water pollution (also for existing plants)
  • Risk minimization with regard to waterpollution and soil contamination
  • Legal certainty when it comes to compliance audits and inspections conducted by authorities and property insurers
  • Decision support for choosing technical systems, suppliers and certified specialists
  • Informational edge through knowledge of future developments in thefield of laws pertaining to water and waterways
  • Work relief for your staff and thus allowing room for focusing on their core activities
  • Comprehensive expert knowledge by means of the interdisciplinary network of the weyer group

Please contact our experts for further information:

Dr. Uwe Nachstedt
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Dr. Gernot Gamerith
As-U Gamerith-Weyer GmbH
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Dr. rer.nat. Harald Genest
weyer IngenieurPartner GmbH
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