Büro Nord

Peter Nöldeke, Leiter Büro NordThe weyer group has strengthened its presence in northern Germany. Since June 2012, the customers from the north can contact a person directly on site with their concerns. Peter Nöldeke is head of our branch office in Quickborn (in the north of Hamburg). He has extensive experience in the planning, construction and operation of industrial plants (especially biogas). He is a proven expert according to §29a BimSchG and has gathered substantial experience in the field of explosion protection (BetrSichV).

From the first project until today – shortly after founding the company in 1976, back then still “Horst Weyer, Büro für Verfahrenstechnik” received its first project from a company of Northern Germany: It was the “Hamburgische Electricitäts-Werke AG (HEW)”, which belongs to the Vattenfall group today. Although back then Horst Weyer only had one employee, a broad network with contacts in industrial companies, refineries and tank farms was developed, that led to numerous follow-up projects reaching into the present day. Today the weyer group is represented with more than 130 salaried employees at more than ten locations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.

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Büro Nord
horst weyer und partner Ingenieurgesellschaft für Verfahrenstechnik, Sicherheitstechnik und technische Informatik mbH
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