Weyer Polska Sp. z o.o.

Weyer Polska Sp. z o.o. provides professional engineering and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Technical and economic support during investment preparation
    • Feasibility studies
    • Technology assessment in both of technical and economic issues
    • Spatial planning
    • Detailed technical and economic studies
    • Support in obtaining permits and administrative decisions
  • Process simulations (steady state and dynamics)
    • Rigorous process simulation of new and existing industrial plants
    • Plant and process optimization through de-bottlenecking of process units by means of process simulation software
    • Solving problems from chemical and process engineering area (mainly thermal separation processes and heat exchange)
    • Checking and design calculations for the new and existing process equipment and devices such as distillation, absorption, extraction columns, heat exchangers, etc.
    • Fired heaters checking and design calculations
    • Assessment and design of safety valves and safety devices. Flare network analysis.
    • Optimization of energy management
  • Interdisciplinary design and engineering
    • Conceptual design
    • Process design
    • Basic Engineering, FEED
    • Detail Engineering
    • Visualizations of industrial facilities/plants (3D)
  • Special technical expertises
    • Environmental impact assessment
    • Systematic hazard studies (HAZOP, PAAG)
    • Fire protection
    • Explosive protection
    • Water protection
    • Work safety
    • Logistic consultations
    • Plant safety

Weyer Polska Sp. z o. o., Puławy
Ul. Zielona 19, 24-100 Puławy
T: +48 (0) 784 58 05 56

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